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Pick any popular company that has information on the web you can search for.
Page 1 cover page
Page 2-3 Introduction to your company
Page 3-5 Relate your company to the student learning outcomes for this class and key points made during the powerpoints.
Page 6 conclusion – your insight to the company
Page 7 references (minimum 7+ sources used in paper)
You must follow the precise APA style requested for this paper and specified in the Syllabus section of this course.
Submit your final paper as an attachment (word or pdf) by week 4 Saturday (midnight). I will grade this assignment by Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week.
This is a 7-page long paper on a company you choose to analyze as well as 5-10 nuggets you take away from this class, due on the Saturday of Week 4. This paper focuses on CLOs # 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7.
There will be detailed instructions for it in the course shell. There will be a professor feedback at the beginning of week 4 and the grade will be posted four days after the due date.