Please answer each question individually question 1 Part A Describe

 Please answer each question individually

question 1

Part A

Describe the benefits and purpose of supervision in the Social Sciences.

Part B

Describe some of the ethical considerations necessary during supervision. What types of written documents are integral to this process?

question 2

 What is your understanding of cognitive psychology? How does cognition play into one’s awareness, recollection, understanding, communication, and even learning? How does one’s cognition play a key role in one’s identity? 

question 3

  analyze the concept ‘nature vs. nurture‘ and explain which aspect – nature OR nurture you tend to agree with more and support your position with references.   

question 4


  • What is the difference between societal and situational deviance? Offer examples that help to explain these differences and address how those examples reflect situational/societal deviance. Which type of deviance are you more likely to experience in your daily life? Why? 

question 5

 how do sociologists study the impact of society on individual thoughts, feelings, and behavior? What are some of the concepts, tools, and methods they employ to explain how society affects individuals and how individuals affect society?   

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