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Please answer the following 2 questions. Remember that discussion forum response:
Include Intro and thesis statement
clearly stating what question you are attempting to answer and how you will go about doing this.
needs to support your arguments – can draw from materials used in-class – notes, readings, videos, discussion forums, or other materials
Wrap up your thoughts and analysis; bring everything back together
Questions for Module 3
Why do you think the rates [communicable diseases] are so high amongst younger First Nations women?
You also need to think about the social determinants of health and what role this plays in the health and wellbeing of Indigenous people. Think about how a lack of quality housing, job security, and access to affordable quality food play into the risk factors. What about systemic racism and access to health care? How does this fit into the health and wellbeing of Indigenous people?
Module 4*** (I have decided to change this question, however, if you have previously submitted your response, you do not need to change anything).
How can the issues associated with diet, obesity, and food insecurity be addressed? How would these issues differ between urban, rural, and remote communities? Have you come across other examples that seem to work for that particular community?