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Please compose an essay which responds to the following prompt:
Based on what you learned thus far in this course, please share your perspective on whether or not you believe Aristotles three levels of friendship still apply today, and if the highest level of friendship is attainable in our modern world. Be sure to identify the criteria needed to attain this level of friendship, if you do believe it is possible. If you do not believe it is possible, please describe in detail the conditions which prevent such a friendship from developing. Also, please be sure to refer to your own experiences with friendship, and whether or not you have experienced this highest level of soul friendship. Be sure to provide examples to support your position, but please remember not include names or identifying information of others.
The essay item responses should be documented by citing at least one or more credible sources such as the textbook, a newspaper, a biographic article, book, or website. Wikipedia and any similar online reference sites where the content may be authored by anyone are not considered credible sources for scholarly writing.
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The essay item response should be 750-1,000 words in length, single spaced, and in APA format. Submit your essay in a Microsoft Word or Open Office document (freeware found at Open Office
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