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Select a country with a significant exodus of citizens.  If you are the head of the refugee resettlement camp in (receiving country), what are the critical health issues you need to address and why?  (4-5 pp, APA, with 3-4 references)
•    Overall health / socioeconomic profile of country of origin
•    Reasons for out-migration (war, sexual violence, slavery, torture, malnutrition)
•    Prioritization of needs (using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) and types of team members needed
•    Immediate health issues (emergency, pregnancy, communicable diseases)
•    Continuing health issues (chronic diseases, mental health issues, malnutrition, immunizations)


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This paper is a proposal for change paper, meaning how and what Nurse Practitioners (a leader) can do to enact the change. attached you will see a list of change theories, you have to select a change theory and use it as a framework for the change you want to implement. Make sure in the first part of the paper you discuss the topic licensing/credentialing issues, why its a problem, and the change model you chose, the purpose statement/ thesis.
the second part would be about how to enact the change, how you will communicate with people, how to get peoplel to collaborate, what strategies will you use. and the 3rd part is about the disadvantages and advantages.
please include an intro and conclusion