Please provide responses individually with individual references                                                                               


Lesson 1- Discussion

“The Impaired Driver Case” Discussion

Review 1.1 “The Impaired Driver Case” on page 1. After reviewing the case discuss some of the pros and cons of “doing the right thing” as referenced on page 1. The goal of this discussion is to begin to think about the topic of ethical decisions. (200 Words).

                                                          INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL WORK

Introduction to Social Work online textbook: –

Introduction to Social Work Text: Why Choose the Social Work Profession? (Links to an external site.)

Types of Social Work: (Links to an external site.)

Lesson 1 Discussion 1

Please create a discussion post by answering the following questions:

· Why should someone want to take this Introduction to Social Work course?

· Should one have any experience in Social Work? If yes, please share some of your experience (s).

· What can one hope to learn from this course?


Lesson 1 Discussion 2

After reviewing the readings and video, please create a substantial discussion post on the following question(s)

· What were your perceptions of the role of a Social Worker prior to this class?

· What types of Social Work interest you the most and why?

                                                                 SOCIAL WELFARE & POLICY

Lesson 1 Discussion

Discussion Guidelines: Approximately one page (200 words). 

Discuss the importance of the definition of a social problem. What social problems do you see happening in your area?


Lesson 2 Readings and Videos


York, R. (2018, Feb   15). The Nature of Policy Practice in Social Work. [Video].   YouTube.

Hanauer, A. [Tedx   Talks]. (2015, May 15). The Influence of Policy. [Video].   YouTube.

Lesson 2 Discussion

Discussion Guidelines: Approximately one page (200 words). 

After watching “The Influence of Policy”, presented by Amy Hanauer, write a reflection on your thoughts of what she spoke about.