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please review the hyperlink located in the attachments! PAGE 1 – 2 1/2 IS THE FOCUS POINT FOR NOW. 

this is apart of a dissertation paper and needs to be very professional as it will be getting critiqued. 

please understand that revisions will be requested upon the professors notes and no extra monies will be paid to revise this particular document.

please understand that if the revisions are too much I will seek another tutor.

the method being used is Phenomenological Method so please get familiar with it. 

Phenomenological Method

Describing how any one participant experiences a specific event is the goal of the phenomenological method of research. This method utilizes interviews, observation and surveys to gather information from subjects. Phenomenology is highly concerned with how participants feel about things during an event or activity. Businesses use this method to develop processes to help sales representatives effectively close sales using styles that fit their personality.