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First discussion post

These Nazi doctors were criminals and murderers!  They are liars and played the part in Hitlers final solution.  these doctors tricked these people, rushing them into “showers”, just to have them murdered.  Schuomel was a prime example of a person with the wrong morals.  He was one of the doctors responsible for rushing the Jews into the gas chambers.  He told the people to rush into the showers because the water was getting cold.  These monsters really did anything to see these people die.  They were so insecure about themselves and what they stood for that they needed people to die to make them feel succesful.  Dr Menegele is a more interesting and even a more depressing story.  He was not raised to be this monster and animal.  He came from a Catholic upbringing, a normal, healthy childhood.  He became obsessed in his work and lost touch with his only child.  His soon grew up to be curious and skeptical of his own fathers work.  His father escaped the Americans with a fake ID and various other sorts.  His experiments on the Jews will never be forgotten.  He truly thought he was making a difference.  He did make a difference, he made the world a bitter and cold place.  These people deserved the death penalty.  

Second Discussion Post

If you were to look at pictures of Nazi doctors without having any information about what they did during World War 2 you would think they were medical professionals who were dedicated to saving lives. In reality, they took lives and experimenting on Jewish prisoners. Experiments ranged from altitude, cold weather, poisons, intentional give prisoners gangrene and many more. German doctors completely disregarded their oath to never do harm. Mengele is probably the most recognized of the German doctors, nicknamed the Angel of Death. He would chose who would be gased immediately and who would work. He also performed experiments on the forced laborers. Most notably was his experiments on twins. All of these doctors should be regarded as villains.