Principals in Epidemiology Homework #2 Please complete the following: 1.

Principals in Epidemiology

Homework #2

Please complete the following:

1. Utilizing the following list of communicable/infectious/exposure related conditions/diseases:

a. STI (Gonorrhea)

b. Hepatitis C 

c. HIV (adult)

d. Tuberculosis

Please provide a description of the reporting requirements in Virginia and include all of the following elements for each of the above diseases (a-d). Please include the name of the State, in the textbox above, in which you are providing information from and include all reference website URLs that the reporting information was obtained from for each disease below.

· Case definition: include suspect, probable, and/or confirmed, if appropriate

· Reporting criteria: time frame, method (e.g. by phone, Fax form, electronic), and required agency to report to (e.g. local HD, State HD, or CDC)

· Major elements of the information required to be reported (list categories or important information). If there is a reporting form availab1le, please attach a copy (not all diseases have a manual reporting form or some forms are used for multiple diseases, only need to attach one copy and note which diseases utilize the same attached form). If there is any standard follow-up patient/client information needed after reporting, please provide a description of this. If there is none, state this.

a. STI (Gonorrhea) –

b. Hepatitis C –

c. HIV (adult) – 

d. Tuberculosis – 

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