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Nursing Practice Act/Policy and Procedure Essay (25 points)


Students will demonstrate critical thinking, communication, assessment, and technical skills in a written analysis.

Requirements: Students will review the California Nurse Practice Act (NPA) and a literature review on hospital policies and procedures and write a brief essay describing the major functions of each. The majority of the essay should be a reflection on the impact that the Act (or a specific part of the NPA) and hospital policies will have on your professional status as a registered nurse. 

3 pages in length

3-4 references

To access the Nursing Practice Act follow this link: or search “California BRN”. Select the “Regulations” tab and click on the link for Nursing Practice Act– it is located in the Business and Professions Code starting with section 2700.


Problem Solving and Debt Collection

Debt  collection is a challenge for most businesses—including the medical  office. It is a delicate task as we never want to alienate patients or  make them feel uncomfortable. In 250 – 500 words,  Discuss some  problem-solving and debt collection strategies for people who do not pay  at your medical office. Should some people be treated differently than  others? What are some best practices for obtaining accounts receivable  without losing a valuable patient? Properly cite your references in APA  format.