Project Goals

Please Code using C

The goal of this project is to:

  1. Familiarize students with functions
  2. Provide students with continued practice with expressions and selection.

Important Notes:

  1. Formatting: Make sure that you follow the precise  recommendations for the output content and formatting. For your testing  purposes, the autograder will be comparing your output to that of the  example executable.
  2. Comments: Header comments are required on all files  and recommended for the rest of the program. Points will be deducted if  no header comments are included.
  3. Filename: Save your program as hotels.c


Hope you enjoyed your stay!

We’re going to create a reservation making system to incorporate discounts for longer stays.

We’ll be getting the customer’s number of nights and we’ll also be  getting the type of the room, which should be one of the following  letters: D, Q, or K (for Double, Queen, or King). We’ll do that for two  reservations.

To be able to advise the user on which reservation they should  choose, we’re going to have to make some calculations. First we’ll need  to determine the price per night. Double rooms go for $59.99 per night,  Queen rooms are $69.99 per night, and King rooms are $79.99 per night.

Then we’ll need to determine the discount. For every night over 2, a  15% discount should be applied. For example, if the stay is for 4  nights, then a 30% discount would be applied to the overall price.

Finally, we need to let the user know which stay is the cheapest or if they’re the same cost.


The user should be prompted for a set of two values which represent  the number of nights and the room type for the first reservation. The  number of nights should be a whole number. The room type should be a  single letter. The user should enter both values on one line, separated  by spaces. The user should then be prompted for the remaining  reservation.

Example (the highlighted part is what the program displays and the italicized part is the user input): Reservation 1 (#nights type): 3 D

The example executable:

An example executable is provided in this repository. You should be able to run it from your project folder. If you encounter a “permission denied” error when attempting to run the executable, type chmod u+x hotelsExecutable into the terminal and try running the executable again.


Functionality: The main function should prompt the user  for two reservations. The room rate for each room for each reservation  must be determined. Then the reservation total for each reservation can  be calculated. A message should be displayed advising the user on which  reservation is the better deal.

In addition to the main functions, your program should have 2 more functions:

Input Parameters: room type
Returned Output: room rate
Functionality: Given the type of room, this function should return the appropriate room rate.

Input Parameters: room rate, number of nights
Returned Output: total reservation price
Functionality: Given the room rate and number of  nights, this function should return the total reservation price with any  applicable discount applied.