This week, in preparation for your drafting process, you will review introduction writing and draft two introductions to your paper. You will comment on what you are trying to accomplish and then review your peers’ introductions as well.


This discussion board will help you practice the following skills:

  • Draft your writing
  • Revise your writing
  • Identify the parts of an introduction
  • Clarify your essay’s thesis
  • Offer critical feedback to your peers



  1. Use the Readings listed above to craft two original introductions.
  2. After each introduction, identify which type of introduction you tried to craft (i.e. analogy, statistics, drawing a contrast etc.) and your thoughts about it.
    Note: Introductions to formal research papers at the senior level do NOT need to be just one paragraph. However, the thesis should be the final sentence in the introduction.
  3. Post your two original introductions and the commentary on each in this discussion thread.
  4. Reply to at least two peers’ introductions. Comment on which introduction you prefer and why. Offer insights as to how to strengthen the introduction.

Criteria for Success:

  • Your main post should contain two introductions, each with commentary on it, for a total of 300 or more words.
  • Reply to at least two of your peers.