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Quality of Service (QoS) is significant because it allows the user to prioritize tasks completed over a wireless network. When working with wireless networks, you must consider what is important when designing QoS. In this assignment, students will gain experience on how to conduct QoS in a wireless network. Refer to the topic readings, as well as your own additional research on QoS, for successful completion of this assignment. 

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Directions: Refer back to the Design Document. Complete the “QoS Requirements” section. Consider the following:

1. Include a plan for QoS.

· A plan for IP wireless phones.

· Plan for devices accessing applications.

2. Devices connecting to application databases.

· Why are devices connecting to an application database important?

· What kind of problems can be caused by losing the connection to the database?

3. A method to determine the QoS for each of the applications.

· Is there anything needed for different devices/applications vs. IP wireless phones?