Question 1

Please submit a Rmarkdown (word format) report capturing the following:Use the attached Iris Dataset: iris_exams.csv  (click to download).Provide at least the following in the report for full credit: (1) Understanding the Data:

  • The structure of the data and a preview of the data.
  • Frequency Distribution. (Frequency Tables & Plots for each variable in the dataset (Barplots/Histograms)). Make sure to capture the skewness and kurtosis. – Provide an interpretation in one paragraph  (no more than 300 words) explaining the distribution of the data. 
  • Summary Statistics of the Data at least including mean, quartiles, min/max, and standard deviation. 

Question 2

Using the mtcars dataset, demonstrate the skills you have learned so far in class and submit a Rmarkdown (word doc) report including the following:

Which Species Sepal.Length is greater?