Completethe final exam. You are allowed one attempt to complete the exam which is timed and must be completed in

the final exam. You are allowed one attempt to complete the exam, which is timed and must be completed in 3 hours. Results are auto graded and sent to your instructor. Question 1 is manual graded by your instructor.
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Question 10 Points
The students
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Question 25 PointsWhich of the following is a characteristic of the standard normal probability distribution?
It’s asymmetrical.
It’s rectangular.
It has a mean of 0 and a standard deviation of 1
Its positively skewed.
Question 35 PointsThe distribution of a sample of the outside diameters of PVC pipes approximates a symmetrical, bell-shaped distribution. The arithmetic mean is 14.0 inches, and the standard deviation is 0.5 inches. About 68
% of the outside diameters lie between what two amounts?
13.5 and 14.5 inches
13.9 and 14.1 inches
13.8 and 14.2 inches
13.0 and 15.0 inches
Question 45 PointsA student was interested in the cigarette smoking habits of college students and collected data from an unbiased random sample of students. The data is summarized in the following table:
What type of chart best represents relative class frequencies?
Frequency polygon
Bar chart
Box plot
Scatter plot
Question 55 PointsThe National Center for Health Statistics reported that of every 883 deaths in recent years, 24 resulted from an automobile accident, 182 from cancer, and 333 from heart disease. What is the probability that a particular death is due to cancer?
182/883 or 0.206
539/883 or 0.610
24/333 or 0.072
24/883 or 0.027
Question 65 PointsFor the past week, a companys common stock closed with the following prices: $61.5, $62, $61.25, $60.75, and $61.5. What was the price range?
Question 75 PointsHow is the t distribution similar to the standard z distribution?
Both are skewed distributions.
Both are bell-shaped and symmetrical.
Both are discrete distributions.
Both are discontinuous distributions.
Question 85 PointsThe main purpose of inferential statistics is to:
Make inferences about a population.
Summarize data in a useful and informative manner.
Randomly collect data.
Determine if the data adequately represents the population.
Question 95 PointsA manufacturing firm tests job applicants. Test scores are normally distributed with a mean of 500 and a standard deviation of 50.
What is the probability that the candidate score is 600 or greater?
Question 105 PointsThe mean amount spent by a family of four on food is $500 per month with a standard deviation of $75. Assuming that the food costs are normally distributed, what is the probability that a family spends less than $441 per month?
Question 115 PointsWhich of the following is an example of a discrete variable?
Rating of baseball teams in a league.
Tons of concrete to complete a parking garage.
Zip codes of shoppers.
Number of students in a statistics class.
Question 125 PointsThe finance officer received a loan application. Which level of measurement is the credit rating?
Question 135 PointsJudging from recent experience, 5
% of the computer keyboards produced by an automatic, high-speed machine are defective. If ten (10) keyboards are randomly selected, what is the probability that less than one (1) of the keyboards are defective?
Use binomial distribution.
Question 145 PointsMileage tests were conducted on a randomly selected sample of 100 newly developed automobile tires. The results showed that the mean tread life was 70,000 miles, with a standard deviation of 3,500 miles. What is the best estimate of the mean tread life in miles for the entire population of these tires?
Question 155 PointsFor the normal distribution, the mean plus and minus one (1) standard deviations will include about what percent of the observations?
Question 165 PointsAs the size of the sample increases, what occurs to the confidence interval gap width?
Narrows in width.
It is positively skewed.
It approaches a normal distribution.
It is negatively skewed.
Question 175 PointsA random sample of 85 supervisors revealed that they worked an average of 6.85 years before being promoted. The population standard deviation was 1.7 years. Using the 95
% confidence level, what is the confidence interval for the population mean?
6.14 and 6.86
6.49 and 7.21
6.99 and 7.71
4.15 and 7.15
Question 185 PointsWhat chart will the following table be used?
Bar chart
Frequency polygon
Frequency distribution
Question 195 PointsThe probability distribution for the typical number of automobiles lined up at a City Chevrolet dealer at opening time for service is:
On a typical day, how many automobiles should the dealer service expect to be lined up at opening time?
Use expected value or mean of the probability distribution.
Question 205 PointsWhich of the following is true regarding the normal distribution?
Determine the location by the mean and standard deviation.
The points of the curve meet the x-axis at z = -3 and z = 3.
It has two modes.
It is asymmetrical.
Question 215 PointsCharacteristics of a probability distribution include:
Particular outcome is between 0 and 1 inclusive
Sum of the probabilities is equal to 1
Outcomes are mutually exclusive
List of outcomes is exhaustive.
Question 225 PointsThe mean of a normal probability distribution is 500 and the standard deviation is 25. About 68
% of the observations lie between what two values?
350 and 650
480 and 520
475 and 525
400 and 600
Question 235 PointsWhat is the relationship among the mean, and median in a symmetric normal distribution?
The mean is always the smallest value.
The mode is the largest value.
They are all nearly equal.
The mean is always the largest value.
Question 245 PointsWhat level of measurement is your social security number?
Question 255 PointsA random starting point is selected, and then every kth member of the population is selected. The sampling method is called _________________.
Simple random sampling
Sampling error
Systematic random sampling
Stratified random sampling
Question 265 PointsThe following graph is a:
Box plot
Stem-and-leaf display
Dot plot
bar chart
Question 275 PointsA portion or part of a population is called a:
Frequency distribution
Random survey
Question 285 PointsThe names of the positions in a corporation, such as chief operating officer or controller, are examples of what type of variable?
Question 295 PointsWhich symbol illustrates a point estimate for the population mean (µ)?
Question 305 PointsRefer to the frequency distribution table of responses to a survey of Are you concerned about being tracked while connected to the Internet?
What response has the least frequency?
No concern
None apply
Somewhat concerned
Very concerned
Question 315 PointsThe third quartile (Q3) minus the first quartile (Q1) corresponds with:
Interquartile Range

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