In your reply posts, critique how you perceive the images

  In your reply posts, critique how you perceive the images they provided, as well as if you agree that their images or advertisements promote a positive view of aging or if one or both represent an ageist view. Do you think the target audience (of the source) of these images or advertisements has been informed by or can influence the social perception of aging? Your reply posts should be 100 to 150 words, with a minimum of one supporting reference included 

response 1

   Aging is a unique concept that focuses on multiple elements. In many ways, it can be influenced by cultures, society, and personal experiences (Teater & Chonody, 2020). Over the past decades, the view of aging has changed and fluctuated. Aging now can be view as successful, depending on people’s decisions and behaviors over time (Calasanti, 2015). To better understand the different views of aging, the purpose of this discussion is to present one positive and one negative image of aging, compare and contrast the images, and discuss the role of a service provider in combating ageism in today’s society.

            In figure 1, I believe this image showcase a positive view of aging. The target audience for this image can be anyone of any age. In addition to presenting a visual image, it also presented some ways to help people eat healthier and age more gracefully through the use of words. In many ways, it shows the connection between aging and individual choice. In figure 2, I believe this image highlight aging in an ageist way. The man appeared to be untidy and sick. In this image, I believe it is intended to connect the negative relationship between aging and illnesses. In many ways, it is saying that as people age, they will become sicker. Also, I believe the target audience for this image is people who are interested in the study of aging and people who are aging.

            When comparing figure 1 and 2, both pictures contain images of an older adult. However, both pictures have many different elements. For example, in figure 1, the author used bright colors and positive word choices to highlight the possible decision of aging. In addition, the main character in the picture is smiling and is well organized in appearance. On the other hand, figure 2 present an old male who is sitting in a bad posture. His eyes are closed, and he appeared to be sick. The author of the picture also used dark colors to depress the mood. In addition, the hourglass on the table is upside down. In many ways, this symbolizes the end-of-life or how a person’s life is coming to an end.     

            After comparing and contrasting both images, I believe they represent the conflicting perspectives and meanings of aging that exist in today’s society. When using figure 1, this represents the society’s new view about the process of aging. For example, aging does not only include a person’s physical illness but can also encompass their physical changes and personal decisions (Calasanti, 2015). In other words, as people aged, how they view themselves can represent their perspectives about aging. This is why each decision is important because it can positively or negatively influence the process of aging. In figure 2, this represents the limited way in which people viewed the process aging. In this picture, aging represents only sickness and disability. Using this perspective, aging can be defined as people’s illnesses and can include social isolation (Teater & Chonody, 2020). Due to the multiple perspectives about aging, it is essential for service providers to educate and reconnect the different viewpoints.   

            As a service provider for the aging population, it is essential to combat the view of ageism. According to Rababa et al. (2020), ageism is best defined as the prejudice perspective against the older population because of their age. If a health care provider has a prejudiced view, this can decrease the patient’s access to quality care and increased the risk of health complications (Rababa et al., 2020). As a result, it is important for healthcare providers to be open-minded and have patience when caring for older adults. Even though aging is a process that everyone will experience, this does not mean that everyone shares the same thoughts and emotions. Similarly, just because one person suffers from a physical illness, this does not mean that everyone will suffer from diseases as they age. To decrease these miscommunications, I believe it is important for healthcare providers to educate people about ageism. In today’s society, people are living longer than ever before (Waite et al., 2013). This is why it is important for health care providers to avoid prejudices in order to effectively care for patients.  

response 2


The original idea of successful aging was viewed as when an individual person gets a maximum of satisfaction and happiness without causing other groups within society to be deprived (Calasanti, 2015). This idea has evolved to include health from the physiological/medical perspective.  “Combating Ageism: How Successful Is Successful Aging?” examined Row and Kahn’s definition of successful aging which includes the avoidance of disease and disability, being able to maintain high levels of mental and physical function, and to be able to maintain active engagement with life (Calasanti, 2015).

The Dove add included below (can also be seen by clicking this link: is a positive advertisement targeted at the older population. “Combating Ageism: How Successful Is Successful Aging?” explains that advertising (specifically, the antiaging industry) portrays people of older age, or with visible signs of age, as being of low status (Calasanti, 2015). However, this Dove campaign glamorizes grey hair, flipping the narrative of something that is traditionally a sign of old age.

The life alert advertisement (can also be seen by clicking this link: negatively portrays the older population by overly associating old age with being weak and frail. “Stereotypes of Aging: Their Effects on the Health of Older Adults” explains that the contributing to the stereotypes of aging, such as equating aging with fragility and decline, can reinforce the concept of ageism (Dionigi, 2015).  

The main differences between the two images is the way that the older person is portrayed. The Dove advertisement shows a beautiful woman who should feel confident with her grey hair, while the Life Alert commercial shows a frail, older woman who is bound to end up helpless on the floor. As a society we need to ‘unlearn” the myths of aging and the negative stereotype that come with ageism. To help combat ageism, I will avoid writing off my patients concerns as “the part of natural aging”. Additionally, I will work to focus on pesronalized lifestyle choices to promote the heathy aging of each older individual (Calasanti, 2015).

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