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1. Read Chapters 7 & 8 and the information included in
and Thomas Jefferson
The Master and the Mistress.
Once all reading is complete, respond to the following items:
Why do you think the accusations made by
were ignored during Jefferson’s lifetime and later by historians? Why do you think Madison
assertions were ignored?
Why do you think
claims failed to hurt Jefferson politically? Do you think a similar scandal would hurt an American president or elected leader today? Why or why not?
Based Madison
family history, how common was racial intermixing in 18th and 19th century Virginia?
According to Eric
Foner, how and why has the work of
Annette Gordon-Reed fueled a controversy over the
Hemings-Jefferson relationship?
Should his relationship with Sally
influence how we view Jefferson and his place in American history? If no, why not? If yes, how should they influence how we view him?
You are required to submit an initial posting (200 words minimum) that addresses the items above
Using a minimum of 200 words, address the following:
How did the authors of the Constitution create a balance between federal and state governments, and between large and small states?
What compromises did the Constitution make on the institution of slavery?
Using a minimum of 200 words, address the following:
Explain the irony of Thomas Jefferson’s acquisition of Louisiana.
What were the reasons for the Embargo Act of 1807, and what were its consequences?