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Read Survey of Communication Chpt. 2 Verbal Communication
Read Survey of Communication Chpt. 3 Nonverbal Communication
1. What are the four differences between verbal and nonverbal communication?
2. Define the four rules for verbal communication and discuss how do they work together to facilitate effective communication?
3.Go to:
On this site you can listen to accents from many different language backgrounds, reading the same paragraph. Go to the “Dialects/Accents” section and click on North America. Listen to the following four recordings:
Someone from the Northern section of the US
Someone from the Southern regions of the US
Someone from Mexico
Someone from a country of your choice
*Note the biographical details for each of the recordings you listen to. For each of the four recordings reflect on the following questions:
What impressions do you have of the speaker?
Are they someone you’d like to get to know?
Discuss where these impressions/meanings came from. If you are uncomfortable discussing your own opinion, ask a friend or family member to listen and give their impression.
4. How do advances in technology impact verbal communication? For example, discuss ways that social media or texting has effected verbal communication. Use specific examples.