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Read the articles by Brier, and Müller-Römer and answer the following questions:
What are the current mostly accepted theories of pyramid construction?
Explain the main questions/problems in both theories.
How does each theory address the main question(s) in pyramid construction?
Müller-Römer, Frank “A New Consideration of the Construction Methods of the Ancient EgyptianPyramids”, Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt, Vol. 44 (2008), pp. 113-140
Brier, Bob, “How to Build a Pyramid”, Archaeology, Vol. 60, No. 3 (May/June 2007), pp. 22-27
Answers must be in short essay form (no less than three full paragraphs, or 500-600 words).
Try to keep a logical track in your explanations: Start with a short but clear reference to the background of the topic, then explain the topic as clear as you can, and finally, specify itsimportance/influence. In this final section, do not employ general expressions such as “the discovery ofX had a profound influence on Y”, or “many fields in physics benefited from the invention of X”. You have to explicitly mention the results.
• Each prompt contains a few sub-questions. You have to answer ALL questions asked in the prompt.