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Read the attached document that says instructions first.
(Read Page 3 of 4) Pre- Trial Conference Chart (Witness part)
I am going to play the role of a Witness who is:
Dr. Stanley Goodspeed – A retired Ford Motor Company mechanical engineer and an expert in automobile stability control systems who the plaintiff has hired as an expert witness to testify as to the inherent hazard in installing a smaller tire on a larger rim.
I need to develop a one page affidavit. I would recommend to do a little bit of research on the issue and maybe name a few brands of tires and rims
Typically, there would be deposition process, where the lawyers would have the opportunity to interview each witness in advance, under oath, to determine what testimony the witness will provide.
At that time opposing counsel would have the opportunity to question the witness. Unfortunately, our format does not allow for such a process.
Instead, at this time each witness should prepare a detailed affidavit of 1 page in length outlining their testimony. This will help the attorneys tailor their trial questions specifically for each witness.
Ex-If you are an expert in auto mechanics, you should include your credentials, expertise, education, training, work experience, and customary industry practice
for installing smaller tires on larger rims. Outside research
is required.
Note: Make sure your affidavit is consistent with the description of your witness role and why you are being called to testify.