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Read the attached document that says instructions first.
(Read Page 3 of 4) (Witness part) IV.
Trial Documentation
I am going to play the role of a Witness who is:
Dr. Stanley Goodspeed – A retired Ford Motor Company mechanical engineer and an expert in automobile stability control systems who the plaintiff has hired as an expert witness to testify as to the inherent hazard in installing a smaller tire on a larger rim.
Witnesses answers – witnesses must independently and comprehensively answer both sets of attorneys’ questions in detail. One set of questions is from plaintiff attorneys who hired me and the other set of questions is from the defendant attorneys.
You must not contradict yourself when answering the questions from the attorneys.
This assignment is the second part of the one that you did One page affidavit of witness Dr. Stanley Goodspeed I attached this document to both set of question for better understanding.
If you encounter a yes or no question please provide some explanation.