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Read “The Educational Ministry of a Church: A
Comprehensive Model For Students and Ministers” chapters one thru three and
complete the following:
The Bible is the basic book for the educational ministry of a church. True/False
Christian educators must know the good methodology and good fleshly (worldly) theology and find ways to bring these together effectively in the lives of learners. True/False
The law and history were the main subject matter of Christian education. True/False
What was the principal purpose of the synagogues?
History is a __________________ account of events.
The church of the New Testament was a teaching-learning fellowship and that teaching was its very __________________.
List the six ways the early Christians educated.
___________________ is gaining in knowledge, understanding, skill, attitude, appreciation, feelings. _________________ is helping in learning.
One of the goals of a teacher is to influence learning. True/False
Study the pyramid chart (Figure 1) on page 41 and list the direct and indirect experiences of learning.