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please read, “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”
This is the link
As you read, annotate and
notes, keeping track of your responses and your questions.
Part I:
Write a narrative (a story) that links something in your own experience to any one of the articles in the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” Remember that the writing here should be a story, not an essay. This text will most likely be written in the first person. You do not need to be explain the link between the reading and the story explicitly; as a matter of fact, I would prefer if you didn’t as I just want to read a good story from your own experiences.
This narrative should be about one to two pages.
Part II:
Look over the notes that you took as you were reading. Now think of a problem or a contradiction or a question that arises when you look at the articles of the declaration in relation to one another. In a second writing, this time an essay, explain:
a) what the problem or contradiction is
b) why it’s a problem, and
c) what are the implications of that problem/contradiction.
This text should be written in the third person and should focus on your analysis of the problem/contradiction. The essay should be one to two pages.
Part III:
Look over parts I and II, and take notes in answer to the following questions:
What do you learn by looking at your two pieces of writing in relation to one another?
What observations can you make?
How are the two pieces connected?
Make these notes in your notebook ready to share for class next week. Please put part 1 and 2 of this assignment into one doc in Microsoft Word, and upload as one document to Classes.