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Ref: Jennings, M. (2018). Business: Its legal, ethical, and global environment (11th Edition). Cengage
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Explain each of the elements of the tort of negligence, providing examples of each in a business setting.
Franky Fraud makes spaghetti sauce.
He names his spaghetti sauce “Michael Jordan’s Spaghetti Sauce” and puts a picture of the athlete Michael Jordon on the label.
Franky Fraud also claims that the sauce will extend your life ten years if you eat it every day.
Many bottles of the sauce also contain razor blades.
What tort or torts has Franky Fraud committed?
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Question I – Bobby Bigmouth is sued for slander by his boss.
Bobby argues that he cannot be sued for slander because he did not publish any statement.
He argues that his alleged slanderous comment was not published because he just made the comment to a co-worker about his boss rather than making that statement to a reporter to be published.
Is Bobby’s argument correct?
Question II – During an episode of Sports Center, one of the anchors misread the teleprompter and said LeBron James was closing his school for at risk youth.
In reality, LeBron James was expanding his school.
This statement by the anchor was a slip of the tongue and corrected in the next episode.
Would LeBron’s defamation suit against Sports Center and the anchor be successful?
Why or why not?