Reflect on an incident that has, in some manner, changed the way you see or feel. 

Write a poem of 100 to 175 words that reflects how the incident you chose changed or affected you.

Write a shorter poem of 45 words or less that captures the essence of the same incident.

  • Submit both selections in one Microsoft® Word document.
  • Grammar and punctuation variations are acceptable if they serve the needs of the piece.
  • Be sure to double space each of the poems.

Part 2

Imagine for this assignment that you are a literary critic and will be published in a leading literary magazine.

Choose one of the poems from this week’s readings.

Write a 350- to 700-word essay that reflects on what you liked about the poem or what drew you to it.

Consider the following areas in your response:

  • Identify common elements, structures, forms, and terminology of the poem.
  • Describe the use of imagery, symbolism, and figurative language that the writer used.
  • Consider also the central idea and the emotional impact.