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Reflective Journaling: Part II: Practical
Greatness and Service (chapters 1-4) in the Havard text.
Scholarly (Peer Reviewed)
Chapter 1: Prudence
Making the Right Decision
Chapter 2: Courage
Staying the Course
Chapter 3: Self-control
Mastery of Heart and Mind
Chapter 4: Justice
Communion and Communication
Remember you will add to your journal from week 01. Make sure to include the date to keep your entries organized and identifiable. This week you will need to submit a minimum of 4 pages of journaling, one for each of the chapters above. If you need a review of how to complete the assignment, review the directions in module 01. Also, keep in mind the objectives of the module 05 Virtuous Leadership Practical Application Paper.
The submission will go through Turnitin. Turnitin evaluates the originality score of your paper. Your turnitin score should be 25
% or less.
I attached a sample and my last weeks journal.