Reply 1 enjoyed taking the time to go through this

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enjoyed taking the time to go through this course. It was full of information that I believe I will find useful during this course. The different case studies were also very interesting to follow along with as well. I believe that this course will be a great resource to use while learning about nursing research in the past, to bring about great research tactics in the future.

After a quick search of my hospital, Colquitt Regional Medical Center, I found that they use the International Review Board (IRB) to conduct their research. In order to carry out research at my hospital, an application has to be filled out and sent to the IRB for approval. The IRB members at my hospital are made up of people with different degrees and certifications and hold different positions throughout the board. There are representatives of MDs, DOs, RNs, Pharmacists, Judges, educationist, and master’s degree holders. Their positions vary from the chair of the board to scientific and non-scientific positions. This follows federal guidelines to promote an unbiased committee based on ethics.

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As a whole, I found the course to be educational and engaging. In the first place, learning that a group’s major goal is to assist, teach, develop, and certify clinical research practitioners was greatly relieving. Protecting human subjects from abuse and exploitation is a critical function of IRBs. Independent review by an IRB or equivalent is an essential part of a protection system to ensure that ethical guidelines are applied and that timely and adequate safeguards are in place to protect subjects’ rights and well-being while contributing to ethically and scientifically rigorous research (Grady, 2015).

A great and logical way to combine known concepts like informed consent, autonomy, beneficence, and justice is by bringing them together in a program. Two things popped out as being extremely important: informed consent and trust (Resnik, 2018). Human subjects’ rights have been safeguarded by the Helsinki Declaration and the Nuremberg Code, as well as the Belmont reports (Ethics and Human Subject Protection, 2020). It’s heartbreaking to consider that individuals will utilize other humans as study subjects regardless of whether they’re criminals or not without regard for the consequences. Research is essential, but so are human lives. Therefore, participants must know that they have the option to stop the study at any moment.

Atrium Health, the company where I currently work, has an Institutional Review Board that follows the Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research. The National Commission for the Protection of Human Beings of Biomedical and Behavioral Research uses the Belmont Report, which outlines ethical standards for all research involving human subjects ( Preliminary assessments of risks to subjects predicted benefits for both individuals and others. The IRB requires the precise informed consent procedure adopted prior to any human subject engagement in research at Atrium Health. There are two IRB committees in the Atrium Health IRB, which meet once a month. The committee members come from a variety of scientific and non-scientific  backgrounds, all of whom have received extensive training on the importance of safeguarding human subjects throughout clinical studies


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