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In developmental psychology, the attachment theory holds that people naturally need to build a solid emotional connection with a caregiver. This desire will manifest itself within the first six months of a child’s existence, provided the caregiver is adequately receptive (Kohlhoff et al., 2022). Therefore, a nurse must gain the parents’ trust and confidence to recognize individuals struggling with or feeling uneasy in their parental role. For parents to be brave enough to raise the questions that arise in their new role as parents, they must have this confidence in the nurses (Eklund et al., 2022). Hearing that they are not expected to be flawless is a comfort for many parents. Individuals must have faith in their ability to overcome any defects, weaknesses, or deficiencies they may possess. In the first transition phase of any new living circumstance, including a significant shift in lifestyle, it is common to feel unsure and apprehensive. No queries are pointless or dumb for those in such a situation.

According to nurses, many parents today initially lack confidence when chatting with their young babies. Consequently, it is beneficial if the nurses can precisely show how the parents can communicate with their young children. With their first encounter, nurses start a conversation with the youngster. They emphasize that eye contact and connection resonate with the newborn the most to exhibit an excellent communication style (Kohlhoff et al., 2022). The duties of a nurse change throughout time due to family trips to children’s hospitals, the development of the kid, and the changing requirements of the parents. Nurses should foster a culture of understanding by using open inquiries in their talks with the parents. In addition to the nurse’s availability, this demands knowledge and awareness of counselling techniques. The nurse must first be physically there for the talk, be able to listen intently and actively, and then she must use the opportunity to offer open-ended follow-up questions if time permits. They believe this serves as the cornerstone of the nurses’ work with families.

Besides, parents who are beginning parenthood typically require much more information than parents who already have children. All families are given broad information regarding an infant’s demands and knowledge about the parenting role because becoming a parent involves a total shift in lifestyle. Nurses should frequently stop by to check on the family until they determine, in their professional judgment, that the new parents are happy in their new role as parents. However, nurses should modify their workspaces to demonstrate how interactions between parents and their children may begin and develop (Levy et al., 2021). For instance, they should use the overhead mobile above the diaper-changing table to demonstrate how young children pursue and cling to objects that catch their attention. The grasping ability in the hands, hand-eye coordination, and whole limb coordination for throwing and kicking can all be developed using toys like balls. Developing motor skills and social abilities are demonstrated using toys for older kids.


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