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Research about
(Laws concerning women’s roles in England during the Middle Ages).
Research: Essay: approximately 400-500 words, graded in accordance with the rubric posted on GC.

MLA style for formatting: double space, your name, teacher name, class, date; heading: last name + page number; title; justify, indented once and you start typing your paper;

At least two in text citations and two on the page works cited.

Include at least two resources: the in-text citation (attribution, quotation “”, and in-text citation); if there is no author, use the title and the page number; if there is only a web site without a page number, put the title and the paragraph.

You need to include the thesis statement in your introduction. The thesis statement is often (but not always) the last sentence of the introduction. The thesis is a clear position that you will support and develop throughout your paper. This sentence guides your paper.

Works Cited page is on the last page; center works cited; double space, justify; 3 kinds of information: author, title, publication information.
Publication info: you can cite posts on twitter, dvd, book; none of them are going to have publication info, then you type, web page last name, first name. “Title.” Website Title or source. com. publishing date. Put a web address without http. Access date.