Research Papar for The Rocking-Horse Winner

thesis: The story  choosen for the research paper is The Rocking-Horse Winner. This story is interesting to me because of the main character always feels that she is sad due to she feels like she is not lucky and not enough money for living. The feelings that she had express is showing the greed and materialism, and how it can never be satisfied, or bring true happiness or peace. The mother ‘s obsession with money had also shown that people who live well enough are always looking for something more better than now. The next step is to devise a thesis statement for your paper. What will you be trying to prove? Usually, the best way to approach this is to pose it as a question. What question would you like to answer in your paper? See if you can develop a three-part question. Therefore, begin with a thesis question. Develop a sentence outline in which you answer the question using textual support to add to the evidence. Think of the research paper as being composed of three essays (each 3 to 5 paragraphs) plus an introduction and conclusion. Thus, for your outline, try to come up with three answers to the question (thus I, II and III of your outline), and support each answer with your own reasoning and support from the text.

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