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Recovery in my opinion is a more crucial factor in an athletes ability to perform from day to day. Because if an athlete has gone through a game or a workout. Then, the next day it is ok to be a little sore but not to the point of the athlete under performing or not being able to perform to there normal ability. One of the biggest thing in an athletes recovery time is proper nutrition and sleep. proper nutrition and hitting the proper macros for the specific athlete is crucial in the athletes ability to recover but to also regenerate and make stronger the muscles that you already have. Sleep is very important within the recovery process. It is one of the few times when athletes are actually able to relax the mind and body for it to be able to recover properly. This is when a majority of the the nutrition the athlete has through out the day is actually used to recover the muscles of the body.

Sleep deprivation is when the athlete or person is not getting the right amount of sleep. Sleep loss can definitely affect performance, sleep is key to recovering the body for everyone. Alley et al. (2015) tell us, “Short sleep duration and poor quality of sleep has been associated with health risks including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.” Alley et al. (2015) also show us, “Resistance exercise may offer additional benefits regarding the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep to populations with osteoporosis, sarcopenia, anxiety, or depression.” The reason I put this into the same situation is because resistance training also improves the amount of sleep and quality of sleep an athlete can have. Your body in a way will natural tell itself that it needs time to rest. This will be when it is beneficial for you to listen to your body, because it will tell you when it needs rest. Sleep deprivation is a lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation is common but needs to be stopped. Because, sleep is the key to recover and if you are not getting enough sleep you will never recover properly. Some simple things you can do to improve sleep is just by telling yourself to not look at any technology past 10pm and go to bed. 

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