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You are the Vice President for Information Technology at a small, growing business. You have been tasked with developing a plan for maintaining databases for storage of business data and use in business analytics.
u202fIn Weeks 1-5 you will work on gathering information in a Database Management Plan. In Week 6, you will present your plan in a 20-minute presentation (10-12 slides) to the President of Information Technology.
Create a 700-word entry in your Database Management Plan. You will use information from this entry in your presentation due in Week 6. In your Database Management Plan entry, ensure you:
Provide an overview of how databases can be used in a company to store and extract information.
Decide what data elements need to be stored.
Analyze major component of the SDLC when developing this database application.
A Database Management Plan template is available to help you record and organize your information.
Submit your assignment.