Section 3. Organizational analysis (For Parts A-C: no more than

Section 3. Organizational analysis (For Parts A-C: no more than 10 full content pages, 

excluding graphs/tables

A. Basic description of the company. Include in your discussion the following: 

1. The company’s mission. How has the mission evolved over time? 
2. Characteristics of the company – leadership, culture, size in 
sales, number of employees, total assets, geographical locations, 
3. The company’s pattern of past objectives and strategies. How 
successful has the company been with its chosen strategies? 
4. The company’s improvement/change initiatives (e.g. Six Sigma, SQM, 
TQM, Lean Manufacturing, JIT, Process Reengineering, High 
Performance Work Teams, Assessment using Malcolm Baldrige National 
Quality Award Criteria, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, Benchmarking, Balanced 
Scorecard, etc.) What are firm’s previous & current impact/success of 
improvement initiatives? How do these improvement initiatives align with 
the strategic leadership of the firm? 
B. Financial analysis will include: 
1. Financial ratios will be calculated in this section. Other 
financial analysis may also be appropriate. Include financial 
2. Ratios must be compared to industry averages. 
3. Don’t just list the ratios, explain what they mean.
4. Financial analysis may help you to identify strengths or weaknesses, 
which may be discussed in this section or the next.
C. Ethical Analysis 
1. Ethical Code 
2. Ethics training program 
3. Ethical relations between company and customers 
4. Ethical relations between company team members. 

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