Security trust and protection in online banking

Security trust and protection in online banking 

Paper details In addition to the general guidelines on write up (given in the next section), the following requirements must be considered. • Papers should include a minimum of 15 references, unless a convincing evidence is provided that the paper is adequately supported with fewer references. Typically, students will exceed this requirement. Sources must be publications from international publishers such as Emerald, Talyor Francis, Wiley for journals, and Pearson, Mc Graw Hill for books. • The paper length should be between 6 to 8 pages (excluding title page, references, tables, and figures). More important than length is presentation of an adequate rationale through the literature review; as well as a thorough, yet concise, description of methods, results, and discussion. • Format of papers will vary depending on the topic area but generally there are 4 parts to any paper: Introduction, Methodology, Results, and Discussion. General Guidelines on Write Up a. Format and writing guidelines The report must be typed on white A4 paper with 1.0 spacing and a 3.0 cm margin at the top and bottom of the page, and on the right-hand and left-hand sides. You should use 12-point font for the text and 14-point font for headings, Times New Roman. Your write ups should be grammatically correct and well punctuated. Your reports should be clear, concise, neatly presented, and easy to read. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in a significant loss of marks.

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