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Answer to the following topics in a Word document of one or two pages top. Use APA format.


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Topic 1

As a nurse it is important to be aware of your own spiritual beliefs and practices. List 3 spiritual practices that you do to improve your own health. Discuss how these practices improve your health. Cite at least 2 sources using APA format to support your answers.


Topic 2

How is Compelemntary alternative medicine (CAM) used in your facility? What are the outcomes of unsing CAM according to at least 2 authors? What are the outcomes you have seen in your facility? What improvements can you make? Cite sources using APA format to support your answer.










references within 5 years and paraphrased material should be cited with a page number. Please do not copy and paste original work




Qualitative Research (graded)


  • Select the health or safety issues from your case study listing.

    Describe one health and one safety issue (select one issue from each community). Include supportive evidence from the literature to indicate the severity of the issue.

  • Why is this participant observation an example of qualitative research?
  • What are other data collection methods, both qualitative and quantitative, could you use to research the community health and safety problems?
  • How can you tell if a study is qualitative or quantitative?
  • Finally, how are theory, research, and practice advanced from qualitative and quantitative approaches (separately or combined)?