Self-Reflection Speech: Each student will present themselves to the class.

 Self-Reflection Speech:
Each student will present themselves to the class. To do this, students are to reflect on who they are as
a person. What do you like to do? What are your aspirations? Who are you without an occupation?
What skills or talents do you have? What are some of your qualities that make you stand out from
others? In order to become an effective speaker, you must know yourself, and then be able to express
yourself with civility and decorum. Each student will present a maximum 3 minute Reflection speech
about themselves to the class on Flipgrid. You must have a typed outline and visual when you present.
Outline (12 font, double space, Times New Roman)
Please Note: Please do not read off things from your resumé. You need to think deeply about who you
are as a person. You are more than just a position at a job or the sport you play. Tell the class who you
Introduction (7) Body (26) Conclusion (7) Visual (10)
Introduce yourself (1) Speakers has two
main points that
support thesis (5)
Summarizing main
points or predict
future. You can also
state something
profound to sum it all
up (5)
Visual exhibits who
you are as a person-
likes or maybe
dislikes (5)
Attention getter (1) The main points have
subpoints (10)
The overall
cohesiveness of the
speech (2)
Visual shows us how
you see yourself
(must show effort)
and neatness (5)
Thesis that answers
the questions “Who
are you?” (3)
Speakers gives details,
examples, stories,
analogies, insights (6)
Eye Contact and
movement (2)
Eye Contact &
Movement (4) 


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