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Since we are discussing revolutions this week, I wanted to ask your opinion on the 4 common ideas that shaped our popular and scholarly understandings of revolutions mentioned by Harper and Leicht: (1) that increasing misery breeds revolt, (2) that revolutions result from incompetence of the state to manage a variety of difficulties, (3) that they result from the circulation of subversive and radical ideas and ideologies, and (4) that they result from the difficulties of modernization (190). Which one of these, do you think, is the proverbial nail to the coffin, the one reason that really pushes the revolution forward? Which one do you think is the least important? Explain your answer.
This week, I want you to explain the reasons behind Zahra Langhi argument why Libyan revolution did not work. What happened in the aftermath of that revolution? Why was it not successful? And what do you think of her reasons? Do you see validity in her claims? Explain.