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Some form of entertainment is a part of every event. Hiring the most appropriate entertainment (including speakers) for your event can make the difference between your attendees being either engaged or bored. Speakers are often used to link the event’s theme to enhance the environment and encourage interaction. This important component of planning can be a delicate balancing act, as the entertainment must be suitable for the event, integrate the theme, and delight the audience.

Topic: Contracting the Singer and MC

You have hired a singer for an alternative energy convention. The singer signed a contract for a 2-hour performance. You are worried that based on her reputation, she will shorten this performance to 1 and a half hours, saying she has a sore throat, when you have heard from other event planners that she usually books back-to-back performances in the same town on the same night.

Use the problem-solving steps:

  • Define the problem and contributing factors, criteria for a solution, and a plan of action.
  • In your plan of action, include how you will approach it without impugning the performer’s ethics.
  • You also need to find a master of ceremonies (MC) for this 3-day convention. What will be your criteria for hiring this MC?