Stress and psychological symptoms with a focus on overall

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As noted in the syllabus, you will be writing a research paper in this course. The research paper will be written in APA format and will require 10 pages of text, a cover page, and a references page. You will be required to use a minimum of 10 references (peer reviewed journal articles) and will be required to turn in a rough draft to the teacher, two peer reviewed drafts, and a final draft of your paper throughout the course. **Please carefully note the dates that drafts are due on the syllabus.

 As part of the research process, you will be writing a literature review, formulating a hypothesis, writing a methodology section, analyzing data, reporting results, and writing a discussion section. Due to the time constraints of this course, it is not possible to conduct an entire research study relating to your topic of interest. Instead, you will be using data from a study conducted in 2005 by Dr. Julie Battle, Ph.D. and her research assistants at Brenau University. The following is a description of how the data was collected:

The purpose of the study was to look at relationships among childhood trauma, learning styles, coping skills, eating disorders, psychological symptoms, physical health, stress, and attitudes toward disabilities in undergraduate women. In order to collect the data, researchers introduced the study to students during various undergraduate classes, and the students were offered the opportunity to participate. The researchers then obtained informed consent from participants. The informed consent forms were then collected and stored separately from assessment results. Once informed consent was obtained, participants were asked to fill out a packet of self-report assessments. This packet included the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire, the Eating Disorder Inventory, the Grasha Learning Style Questionnaire, the Attitudes Towards Disabled Persons questionnaire, the Coping Skills – Revised, the Social Readjustment Scale, Student Life Stress Inventory, and the Brief Symptom Index. The assessment batteries were collected as participants completed them, and participation in the study was complete. Multiple assessment sessions were conducted (approximately 10-25 participants were at each testing session). The completed self-report assessments (which did not include participant names) were then scored and entered into a dataset in SPSS.

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