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Study of the protein structure and protein digestibility of sweet sorghum seed varieties. Paper details: 1. Please introduce and the methods based on the information provided (proposal, picture of sds-page, rio sweet sorghum, pdf (microscopy)and the excel of the white sweet sorghum). 2. No abstract required but provide the outline 3. Introduction 4. Method 5. data discussion 6. Illustrate the significance of the research all the information should be obtained from the upload documents,all references please provide the link. please focus on talking the potential factors that result in the differences of the protein digestibility of the different sorghum.Please compare the liberty white sorghum with the high sugar and low sugar sweet sorghum.And compare the Rio red commercial sorghum with the red commercial sorghum(buster).Please also talk about the differences between the red sorghum and white sorghum.Finally please also illustrate the significance of this study and the future application and improvement. all point should provide the citation to support and give the references and link. The references should not included in the 23 pages slides each point try to show picture and show brief illustration. The sample information is show in attached document Rio is sweet red sorghum.the raw materials of Low sugar and high sugar sweet sorghum information has been showed on the excel of white sweet sorghum and the proposal. The picture of them can be found in the poster power point.