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Cori Sellick
12:47 PM
The affordable care act which was enacted in 2010 and is one of the top 2019 trends. The healthcare system is affected when politics are involved. An unsuccessful attempt to appeal the ACA by the Trump Administration, still brought the lowering costs of insurance plans, federal financial support for insurance exchanges reduced, reductions in Medicaid spending and health savings accounts being expanded.
Another trend is the medicaid expansion. There are 37 states that provide Medicaid expanded coverage under the ACA which means more people having access. Medicaid expansion means more individuals will have access to healthcare. There are referendums for expansion for 2020.
Prescription drugs are another trend that affects public health. Right now politicians are fighting over who should be paying. The prices are outrageous and if the prescription drug pricing reduction act bill passes, payers will and be paying lower prices which will be affordable.
A big future trend is cybersecurity. Medical offices are using programs online and allowing their patients view their medical work. As a result of the increasing use, applications for, and storage of data, cybersecurity has emerged to be even more important than before for healthcare providers and healthcare systems that are entrusted with that personal information under the HIPAA. (Vogenberg, F. R., & Santilli, J. (2019).
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