Successfully prepare and present

Write an essay on the same topic that you researched for Assessment 1.

Assessment Description

This assessment requires you to develop the Problem Analysis you submitted for Assignment 1 into an Essay.

Your essay must argue a particular thesis (point of view or position) on your chosen topic.

Your thesis statement should appear in the Introduction and the Conclusion to your essay.

Choice of Essay Topics

1. Are we undergoing an obesity epidemic?

2. Are young people spending too much time online?

3. Should we be worried about the current rates of workplace bullying?

4. Should we accept the widespread practice of using social media to market brands and products?

Learning Outcomes For Assessment 2

LO1: Employ critical-thinking techniques in the preparation of an opinion and the analysis of opposing opinions.

LO2: Research e-resources and e-databases to locate primary and secondary sources while discerning their validity and appropriately referencing them.

LO3: Successfully prepare and present written and oral presentations.

LO4: Demonstrate an understanding of the study skills needed to effectively prepare for classes, assignments and examinations.

Assessment Instructions

Your essay should draw upon information provided in the Problem Analysis you submitted for Assessment 1. However, it is acceptable to develop a main Essay Thesis which disagrees with the problem Proposal you advocated in Assessment 1.

It is presumed that you will add to the research you conducted for Assessment 1. Thus, you should reference at least 4-5 academic sources in the text of the assignment.

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