Task 1 – Design (40 Marks) a) Produce an entity relationship model for the proposed database system for Universal Conference Management. This should be a fully normalised model to third normal form (3NF). You do NOT have to show the steps you took in normalising the data. b) Produce a data dictionary for the entity relationship model showing all attributes, with data types and identifying primary and foreign keys. 

Task 2 – Data entry and Data Manipulation (45 Marks) a) Create all the tables using SQL. Show your ‘create table’ scripts and the finished tables. b) Enter data on all the events shown in the assignment. c) Enter data for FIVE (5) customers and associate them with events. Note that a customer might have more than one event associated with them. d) Enter data on staff and items taken from the assignment. Give a listing of this. e) Write a query that selects all the events ordered by a particular customer. f) Write a query that selects the staff and items assigned to an event. g) Write a query that selects all the customers’ details for events that require a laptop. h) Write a query that counts all the birthdays that need equipment from Edison Sound and Light. i) Write a query that shows all the events and their customers that need a waiter. j) Update the item table so that Item 2 is no longer a laptop but a ‘tablet’. k) Update the staff table so that Tara Patel is now known as Tara Williams. 

Task 3 – Assessment (15 Marks) Give an assessment of how the work you have done has met the requirements of Universal Conference Management. 

Submission guidelines  Your submission should be in the form of a single word-processed document that includes any necessary diagrams.  The word count for the document is 1250 words (excluding text in any diagrams). You should explain any assumptions you have made.  A digital version must be submitted on a CD, USB flash drive or other similarly acceptable medium, along with a copy of the developed database