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The article, “Bridging the Gap,” is another article written for experts in a particular field.
It was published in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, hardly the sort of publication that is considered light reading.
However, even articles like this one and the journal in which it was published can be accessible to the non-expert, even those without any expertise in either economics or agriculture.
Remember, reading academic articles intended for experts can done effectively if you read around the article, meaning that you read the material clustered at the beginning and the ending, only skimming the long middle sections often referred to as “methods” or “methodology.”
With that in mind, your task is fairly simple: How have the authors of this article answered the question in the title?
Write a 300+ word response that details your thinking about whether or not the authors of “Bridging the Gap” have answered the question in the article’s title.
Provide as much evidence and support from the article as needed.
You must quote the article at least once in your response.
You must also provide a correct APA reference for this article with your response.