The Assignment:

Using all the information from the North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning (NCFELD) resource and the video , you will complete 2 short activity plans.(The NCFELD link is attached ) You may choose the 2 age groups you would like to focus on.  Be sure to look at NCFELD for the breakdown of age groups.  The following should be included for the 2 activities: 


Title of Activity:

Age of Child: 8 months 

Developmental Domain: Emotional and Social Development

Goal:ESD-1 Children demonstrate a positive sense of self-identity and self-awareness

Developmental Indicator: ESD 1a Show awareness of their bodies

Description of Activity: Details are needed here (minimum of 3 sentences)

Evaluation of Activity: How will you evaluate the effectiveness/benefit of this activity?  What are the outcomes you expect for the child? How will you know if the children grasp the concept? (minimum of 3 sentences)

Grading Criteria

All areas of the activity plan should be included. Goals and indicators should be completely written out as well as include the letters and numbers for each. Be sure the developmental indicator is relative to the age of child. See Example above.

All areas are identified for each activity:

*Title (10points)

*Age (10 points)

*Domain, Goal, Developmental Indicator (30 points)

*Activity descriptions provide clear instruction. (20 points)

*Evaluation method is clearly identified for each activity. (20 points)

*Points are deducted for spelling and grammar


NCFELD, video

 NC_Foundations_ADA.pdf NC_Foundations_ADA.pdf – Alternative Formats