The first journal will identify my goals and how you will communicate with your clinical faculty.( 2pgs 12 font APA) instructions DOWN


1.Initiate a plan for self-improvement as a member of the healthcare team. Include at least 3 goals 

for this clinical experience and identify what limitations you expect to encounter as you strive to 

meet these goals. Goals should follow the SMAART format:

SMAART goals are:

Specific [goals are written so they can only be interpreted one way. Never vague]

Measurable [how will success be measured?]

Attainable [within the duration of assigned clinical hours for the course]

Action-oriented [student-focused, what actions will YOU take]

Results-oriented [goals relate directly to desired outcome(s)]

Timeframe [timeframe is reasonable for accomplishing goal

All journal should be completed in APA format, NO ABSTRACT PAGE, per the most recent APA guidelines First person writing is acceptable in APA . As always,in APA.give credit where credit is due to avoid plagiarism