The following companies/challenges cannot be used for project 1 and 2 topic as they are used in projects as a example or example in discussion topics in class:






ALS ice bucket challenge


You also would not use any social media/networking company as the topic company for project 1 and 2. 

These include Facebook, Instagram, my space, snapchat, twitter, pinterest, tic toc, you tube, linked, yelp, blogs etc. If it is a social media/networking company whether one of these or another it would not be accepted as the organization topic.

Also doing a small mom and pop type store can be difficult to do this on as you will not find sources related to it or most likely be able to have adequate length. 

Also note you are required to submit a word document that has a .doc or .docx file type.  If you use something besides Microsoft Word to create it that is okay but you must submit a .docx or .doc file type.

Remember to have references and citations of course as well

Please ensure read project assignment thoroughly.

If you are unsure of a topic company or have a question…send me a email and ask. I am happy to help.