The impact of delisting the Yellowstone Grizzly Bear for the economy

Instructions –> related to order #286852460 The new material here should add about 3 pages of content. Again, students must address any previous feedback. Students must include the previous portion(s) of the paper with each subsequent submission and must clearly delineate sections of the paper. The maximum value for this portion is 40 points. The literature review must be in narrative form with logical organization and must take account of the following. You should review the literature that pertains most directly to the specific research question being posed. What have other researchers proposed and/or found in this particular topic area? You should be reviewing and discussing a minimum of 5-7 peer-reviewed empirical studies. Remember that the literature review should integrate themes and concepts, should serve as an argument for the necessity of your study, and should funnel from broadest to narrowest topics. Formulate and directly state one or more hypotheses. The hypotheses should come directly out of theories you have discussed. The academic articles you use as resources should give you an idea of which theories are being applied. IMPORTANT – feedback fro previous paper –> Try to be less normative in your approach to your research. Try to find some scholarly articles that support your economic claims. Try to funnel your evidance for your literature review. Good start, overall.

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