The intention of the final that it is a


The intention of the final that it is a tool to connect your undergraduate coursework with your future intentions after graduation. How can you utilize what you know and what you research to change the world for the better? What do you want to investigate further so you can be more informed? How can you serve others and measure your impact?  What project can you create as a springboard into your post-graduation plans? This assignment is a Past-Present-Future assignment where the PAST is the connection to your GEP (General Education Program) journey, the PRESENT is your current research and proje.. this semester. The FUTURE element answers the question, “what are you going to do with this information now and in the future?” 

The project design action plan, thesis statement/objective, and review of sources and literature are prerequisites for completion of the Final Project and elements from those preliminary assignments are included in the final proje.. as described in the template document. For example, your literature review sources should be included in the work cited section of your final proje.. as described in the final pap.. template. As an indicator of its importance, the Final Project and its supporting assignments combined account for nearly 50% of the course grade. 

While a research pap.. is the most common format, students with approval from the instructor through the Proje.. Design assignment may select alternatives such as creating a research website, presentation, video, creative work, or another format. Regardless of the project format, the same requirements for Project Design apply, and all projects will include a written component.  For example, if a student wants to create a video, the final submission must include a complete script or supplementary research document since students are being evaluated on written communication in addition to the content of their submission. 

A template Download template is provided as a word document but may be adapted for other instructor-approved formats to help guide students. It is recommended that students selecting a research pap.. format download the template and work through it as they submit pieces of the assignment throughout the term. For students with an alternate format, they should review the template, but will demonstrate required elements as appropriate in the alternate format. In all cases, students will conduct research, produce a written assignment, and the associated preliminary elements (Project Design, Thesis Statement/Objective, and Literature/Source Review). The written portion of the Final Proje.. will be evaluated using the AAC&U VALUE rubric for written communication ( Links to an external site.). The page length will depend on assignment, but should meet or exceed requirements for Gordon Rule writing courses (

Here are some examples of potential Final Projec..:

A service-learning project promoting recycling practices in student housing, including research on the efficacy of various practices from an integrative multi-disciplinary perspective

A multidisciplinary research pap.. on Florida during World War II with a focus on the long-term impacts of the war on Florida’s history and current political environment

A short film on Puerto Rican students and their experience with Hurricane Maria, highlighting research on historical inequities in the region and that impact on survivors

A website examining the history of a unique and under-researched field, presenting it in a uniquely artistic way with accompanying narrative. 

Here are some links to exemplars, shared with permission, from former 4939 students:

Exemplar_Good_Lit_Review_Section_IDS4939_FinalProject.pdfDownload Exemplar_Good_Lit_Review_Section_IDS4939_FinalProject.pdf

EXEMPLAR_Creative_Work_Example_A Journey Through the Eras of Disney.pdfDownload EXEMPLAR_Creative_Work_Example_A Journey Through the Eras of Disney.pdf

Exemplar_AI_Research_Paper.pdfDownload Exemplar_AI_Research_Paper.pdf

Exemplar – Documentary: The Importance of Theater in a World that Forgets its Value Links to an external site.(student also submitted a written document that included her script and then a summary of what each of her interviewees shared)


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