ps: ss: (0):The topic: The Jesuit relation of influencing the Fundamentals of the Hurons Society ( this topic need to keep the meaning to be the same because this topic is discussed with the Prof. you can change the word in the topic if you want, but please keep the meaning to be the same. )

(1): The only primary Sources be using in this essay: The Jesuit relations and allied documents: a selection ( The primary Souces only do the job to prove the argument we make (2): This paper must have this secondary source: The children of Aataentsic: a history of the Huron People to 1660; Trigger, Bruce G. (; if you have other secondary sources can be used also can add, but must incloude this secondary souce which I provide.

(3): The Primary VS Secondary Sources Video from the TA: (4): This paper is 8-10 pages with the footnote together. (5):Please don’t use too long sentences, and use some sentences to look like a senior student ready to graduate. (6):I know that there may be some inconvenience here, but this is the hope to describe this paper better.